What Lasts Forever


Do not be afraid to
use all your belongings
for the acquirement
of your own education.
For the development
of your intellect
is everlasting,
is an ability no one
can steal from you,
is something
which can never
be hindered -
no one can defeat
what you decide
to teach your self.

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from my rotten body flowers will grow

and I am in them, and that is eternity

seriously my favorite gif ever

“Urban Talisman”
Each cigarette was individually emptied and refilled with soil and forget-me-not seeds.
Anna C Bodell

"in the absence of empathy… you will find malevolence"

Your lips taste like nicotine And I know smoke has filled your lungs But that’s okay Because I can still find galaxies in your eyes And I feel content At the sight of those stars  And when your hand reaches mine I feel flowers grow in my ribcage  And I feel butterflies flutter and bump against my stomach  And that’s okay Because I’m okay And we’re okay.

(by hey hannah)

my brother literally made me step out of the car into the snow to take this in front of the blue ridge mountains